Mahesh Narayan, Ph.D. | Phone/Voice: (915) 747-6614 | Fax: (915) 747-5748

    I am currently serving as  the assistant chairman, director of graduates studies and as a research faculty in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Texas at El Paso.   

    In summary, I have authored and co-authored 51 research and review articles and book chapters in the areas of free radical biology, protein-structure function, oxidative folding and protein misfolding, halogen bonding and in silico drug design for a collective citation count of 1728 and an h-index of 18 (Google Scholar). 5 other Manuscripts have been submitted, are under revision or under preparation. I retain corresponding authorship of 84% of the papers I have published post-tenure. Our work has been recognized through invitations to speaking engagements in over 15 international forums and by recognition in a variety of media outlets. Currently, I serve on the Editorial Board of PLOS One (Public Library of Science). I have been invited to serve on the Editorial Board of Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics (Springer) starting 2016. I have been invited to deliver lectures at the Institute of NanoChemistry and NanoBiology of Shanghai University


Graduate Students
Veronica Gonzalez,
Ph.D. Candidate Chemistry

Lead researcher in the elucidation of the folding mechanics of the protein cruzain. Through mutagenesis and protein folding studies we identify potential sites at which the protein can be truncated and successfully inhibit the maturation of the protein. 

Emmanuel Zubia,
Ph.D. Candidate E.S.E. 

Lead researcher of antioxidant phytochemicals as neuroprotective agents, the computational elucidation of molecular dynamic interactions of proteins with ligands and improving oral bioavailability through protein delivery systems.   

Jyoti Ahlawat, 
Ph.D. Student Chemistry 

Lead researcher in the creation and development of protein based nanoparticles which can be used to increase the bioavailability of selected phytochemicals. 

Gabriela Henriquez Rodriguez,
Ph.D. Student E.S.E. 

Lead graduate student in toxicological interaction of xenobiotics in animal models and neuroblstoma cell lines. 

Lois Mendez,
M.S. Student Chemistry 

Lead graduate student in the biological and behavioural models testing prophylactic phytochemicals to mitigate radical damage and protein aggregation.

Brenda S. Luna,
M.S. Research Technician III 

Assist in all the laboratory projects.

Undergraduates Researchers 

Leigha A Drennan
Maria F Montoya
Ariel N Schmid (Research Tec.I)
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Previous students

 MS students

 1. Veronica Gonzalez, Assistant Professor, El Paso Community College

 2. Helal F. Mahmoud, Pharmacist

 PhD students

 1. Rituraj Pal, Postdoctoral Research Baylor College of Medicine

 2. Parijat Kabiraj, Postdoctoral Research, UNC Chapel Hill

 3. Marisol Serano

 Visiting Intern

 1. Daniela Sisniega                                                                      MD, Boson Univ.

 Undergraduate Students

  1. Lois Mendez                              Special Problems                  UTEP

  2. Dania Almodovar                      Special Problems                  UTEP

  3. Jose Rosales                              Bridges to Bacc.                    El Paso Comm. C.

  4. Chidebum Okeke                     Volunteer                                Cornell Univ.

  5. Matt Koebel                              Smart Mind                            STLCOP

  6. Pamela Hernandez                   Special problems                   current student

  7. Jose Marin                                 COURI                                    MD, Dartmouth

  8. Andres Belmont                        Special problems                  MD, PLFSOM

  9. Karina Garcia                             Special problems                  MS UTSA

  10. Shane Skonieczki                      Smart Mind

  11. Sonia Chavez                             Bridges to Bacc

  12. Acantha Abdullah                     Bridges to Bacc.                    MS Univ of Georgia  

  13. Gabriela Negron                       Smart Mind                            UPR Dental

  14. Brittany Talamantes                  Smart Mind

  15. Andres Ortiz                              Special Problems                   Ph.D. Harvard

  16. Cristina Reza                              Special Problems

  17. Cynthia Acosta                          Special Problems

  18. Ana Barrios                                Special Problems                   MS UTEP

  19. Karen Ventura                            Special Problems                   MS UTEP

  20. Laura Saucedo                           Special Problems                  MS UTEP

  21. Roberto Vina-Marrufo               Special Problems                   

  22. Nathan Halow                            Volunteer                               Univ. of Oregon

  23. Rene Duran                                UPBit                                      Employed       

  24. Laura Garcia                               UPBit                                      R.N.

  25. Michel Quintana                        RISE                                   

  26. Michael Grant                            Special problems                  D.D.S.

  27. Lizeth Cardoza                           Special Problems                 

  28. Emmanuel Zubia                       Special Problems                   Ph.D. UTEP

  29. Karla Esparza                             Indp. Research                       MD, Texas tech.

  30. Karina Schnittker                       MARC Program                      Ph.D., Univ. of Arizona

  31. Roger Romero                           Special Problems                   MD, UTSA

  32. Jose Hidalgo                             Special Problems                   PhD., ASU

  33. Gabriel Gomez                         Special Problems                   MD, UTMB

  34. Gabriel Gonzalez                      Special Problems                   MD, UTMB

  35. Daniel Suleja                             Science Project                      MD

  36. Elaine Cristan                            Special Problems                   MD, UTA

  37. Matthew Fink                            Special Problems                   MD, UTSA

  38. Paul Nieves                               REU                                                   

  39. Yu-Hsiang Wang                       Special Problems                   MD UT Southwestern

 High School Students

  1. Raquel Zubia                    ACS Project Seed                   

  2. Miriam Pando                  ACS Project Seed                   Ph. D. UTSA

  3. Celia Garcia                     ACS Project Seed                   MS UTEP

  4. Roberto Vina-Marrufo    ACS Project Seed                  

  5. Amber Harris                   ACS Project Seed                                          

  6. Laura Rios                        REAP Program                        PhD. UC Irvine

  7. Jessica Gardea                REAP  Program                       Pharm D. UT Austin

  8. Roya Edalatpour             Harmony Academy Project    MD Boston Univ.       

  9. Hugo Flores                     REAP Program                                  

  10. Ryan Sharma                    Volunteer                                St. Lois College

  11. Andres Flores                  REAP Program

  12. Alex Contreras                REAP Program                         UTEP

  13. Judson Hayes                 REAP Program

  14.  Jose Contreras              REAP Program

  15.  Katerina Soltero            REAP Program